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Waterless Wash + WaxOur unique blend of cleaning agents, carnauba wax and polymers work together to wash AND wax your vehicle—at the same time. Lax Wax will leave you with a stunning, mirror-like finish that lasts for weeks.  Just spray on and wipe clean. That’s it. No, really...that’s it.
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Lax Wax Waterless Wash + Wax is a revolutionary 1-Step Formula that works to wash AND wax your vehicle, all at the same time. Our unique blend of cleaning agents and added carnauba wax is perfect for quick clean-ups in between your full car washes.

Lax Wax will give your car’s paint a stunning, mirror-like finish that lasts for weeks, but only takes minutes. Just spray on, wipe clean and prepare to turn some heads.

Why Lax Wax?
This is why:
  • Cleans paint surfaces in no time
  • Leaves a coat of UV ray protection
  • Repels water using hydrophobic polymers
  • Shields your car from debris for weeks
  • Creates a deep, mirror-like finish that lasts

Wash + Wax + You
We know you. You’re the kind of driver who wants their car to look good every day. No exceptions. So, when you need a quick clean and shine before an impromptu cruise, turn to Lax Wax Waterless Wash + Wax.

It’s perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle, with a glossy, lasting finish that takes just minutes. That means your car will stay looking good in between washes. And you’ll need less of them, too.

The Dual Threat
Not all 2-in-1 products are created equal. The jury is still out on shampoo/conditioners... But when it comes to a waterless car wash that’s also a wax, we got you covered.

A lot of car products can wash. A lot of car products can wax. But no product does both as efficiently and effectively as Lax Wax. Your ride won’t just look good. It’ll also be outfitted with a UV-protecting, water-repelling, dirt-defying coat designed to keep it that way.
  1. Everyone’s favorite: shake the bottle well. Easy, Tiger. Don’t make it weird.
  2. Spray directly onto surface. For excessively soiled surfaces, first rinse with water.
  3. Work top to bottom in each panel of your car, completing all steps one panel at a time.
  4. Gently wipe the Lax Wax in a circular motion with a clean microfiber towel, spreading across the panel.
  5. Use a second dry towel to buff any remaining residue to reveal that lasting Lax Wax shine.
    WARNING Avoid eye contact. If swallowed, drink a glass of water and contact a physician. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Especially if you’re one of those people who refers to their pets as their children.

    INGREDIENTS Filtered water, polymer emulsion, carnauba wax, biodegradable surfactants (alcohol ethoxylates), mineral oil, pomegranate fragrance, colorant, preservative.

    Lax Wax Lowdown

    Lax Wax is a one-step solution, offering waterless cleaning while providing a protective wax layer. It's ideal for those unplanned cleans, ensuring a mirror-like finish that both impresses and protects.
    The Lax Wax formula contains hydrophobic polymers that repel water, ensuring your car stays dry and reducing water spots, which are a menace for many car enthusiasts.
    Its unique formulation not only cleans but also provides a UV ray protective layer. This means less damage from the sun, maintaining your car's vibrant color for longer.
    This product promises more than just a clean surface; it provides a dirt-resistant coat that shields your vehicle from everyday contaminants, keeping it looking pristine for weeks.